Limited Liability Partnership «Sanus Kazakhstan» was founded in 2020, and today we offer our customers various services for providing high-speed satellite communication links, two-way Internet access for remote areas and connecting corporate networks for broadband access. Our company is a provider of professional solutions for digital broadcasting, transmission of multiservice data in satellite, radio relay and fiber-optic communication networks.

Advantages of our solutions:

  • Complete independence from terrestrial wired infrastructure;
  • high-speed, high-quality and reliable communication 24 hours a day\365 days a year;
  • large service area where VSAT terminals can operate;
  • high level of information security;
  • provision of a whole range of services on a single equipment in real time: video, voice, data transmission, etc.
  • flexible work schemes — possibility of selling or renting equipment;
  • possibility of prompt introduction of new services.


  • Communication services for the communication channels provision
  • Communication services for data transmission, except those of voice transmission.
  • Telematic communication services.

All communication services are provided via C-, Ku-, Ka-bands of Intelsat, Eutelsat, KazSat, ArabSat satellites covering almost the entire territory of Kazakhstan, CIS countries, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Our company’s technical solutions are implemented using satellite equipment from leading global manufacturers, such as: GeneralDynamics, NJRC, Comtech, Newtec, ST Engineering, CPI International, IRT Technologies on the basis of which are organized:

  • dedicated point-to-point SCPC channels
  • corporate networks for broadband Internet access (DVB-RCS standard)
  • one-way broadband channels (DVB-S standard)
  • redundant communication channels for terrestrial networks
  • dedicated point-to-multipoint channels for connecting remote base stations of mobile operators.

LLP “Sanus Kazakhstan” offers two-way satellite Internet access, intended mainly for customers located in remote areas. As a rule, in any large city there already are extensive networks of cable and wireless communication channels deployed by traditional Internet providers. However, at a distance from the city, it is often impossible to get access to terrestrial networks (and, consequently, to the Internet) due to their absence.

Providing Internet access via VSAT stations (using antennas with small size reflectors) opens up new opportunities for transmitting information to hard-to-reach areas at high speed. We provide two-way satellite Internet based on DVB-RCS, DVB-S2, DVB-S2 standards. These standards are the most advanced ones in the satellite communications sphere and support the widest range of requirements for the construction of terrestrial networks in the field of VSAT and TV technologies.


Our company is actively working in the digital television broadcasting (DTV) market using the most advanced technologies for transmitting television images and sound by encoding video and audio signals via digital channels. This is the so-called third stage of the television development with a complete departure from the use of analog technologies with the transition to the creation of fully digital television systems. First of all, we are solving the problem of a significant increase in the number of regular-definition television programs transmitted, as this provides a quick commercial effect. Nowadays LLP “Sanus Kazakhstan” is actively developing the areas of terrestrial and satellite television using equipment operating within DVB-T2 and DVB-S/S2 standards. Digital television has the following advantages over the analog one:

  • Improving the noise immunity of transmission and recording channels of TV signals
  • Reducing the power of the receiving-transmitting radio-frequency equipment, and, consequently, its cost.
  • Significant increase in the number of TV programs transmitted within one frequency range
  • Improving image and sound quality in STBs.
  • Development of TV systems with the new image standards (HDTV, 4K, 8K).
  • Development of interactive TV systems, where the viewer gets an opportunity to affect the transmitted program (for example, video on demand).
  • Transmission of various additional information over the TV signal


In addition to the engineering of digital television broadcasting infrastructure, our company offers a full range of equipment for the engineering of digital television head stations, broadcast-television complexes, as well as a vast number of works starting from system architecture and project development to facilities commissioning.

Deployment of satellite ground systems:

  • Design, construction and maintenance of satellite earth stations for various purposes with antennas of different reflector diameters in C -, Ku -, Ka — bands and deployment of terrestrial VSAT networks
  • Manufacture and installation of SNG vans of Drive Away and Fly Away types, mobile satellite communication stations for operation in corporate and public networks
  • Design, construction and maintenance of digital TV head stations
  • Construction of television hardware stations
  • Equipment supply and installation:

— Antenna equipment for satellite earth stations;

— LNBs, BUCs, power amplifiers ranging from 3W to 750W;

— Equipment for television stations (receivers, modulators and demodulators);

— Satellite modems, VSAT hubs equipment;

— Studio broadcasting equipment;

Contact Information

Almaty, Kazakchstan
phone: +7 777 222 22 10
e-mail: sanus.kazachstan@gmail.com